There are times in all our lives when the only thing we need is someone to be there.  Not to solve our problems.  But just for us to know someone truly cares, that can make all the difference in the world.   Always be there for your friends.


Make a difference in someone’s life.  Your dad, brother, daughter or friend.  When was the last time you took YOUR dad camping or fishing, how about just a walk in the park?  Maybe a softball game with your daughter or a night at the fights with your brother?  Life is short, we never know what the future holds in store for us or them.

Your best friend Tom moved to another state 3 years ago.  Call him and set something up.   Your wife needs a break, take her to Vegas.  Even better yet do something for someone you do not know.  Join HOW and spend a day mentoring a Veteran.

The CHOICES are endless, the gains are many fold.  You get to spend time with someone special.  everyone’s batteries get recharged.  Happy wife happy life.  Memories are made, friendships are reinforced.  You are no longer EXISTING, you are living life.  You and your family are happier, you shared the GOOD TIMES.

Choose to live a fuller life, spend moore time with your family.  Just do it!  EVERYONE wins, be they family, friends or strangers.  But the biggest winner is the rest of the world as they follow YOUR example.  All because YOU choose to make a difference .  Thank you for being a mentor.  Tight Lines amigos.