2018 trips to mako-ville

Here are the trips I am planning to take to mako-ville this year.  If you want to join me in paradise please respond to me here, or at r.moore760@gmail.com

On short notice I sometimes just decide to come down and add that here.  Feel free to join us on any OPEN trip.  Feb thru April are spur of the moment unless someone gives me dates they want to take a SPRING break in paradise.

May 20-28 Gonzaga Mr PukaShells trip OPPEN TRIP.

April 21-29  CORVINA EXPLORATORY  We will start fishing somewhere north of El Dorado Ranch, outside of San Felipe.  This will be a beach camping trip, roughing it.  We will end up the last couple of days camping in mako-ville, with hot showers and eating at the restaurant.  This will be an OPEN TRIP.  Kayaks and fishing from the beaches, we will take all our cooking gear and community cook meals.

20-28 June  HALIBUT TOURNAMENT in San Quintin.  20 June I will spend in mako-ville, 21 June I will drive to Don Eddies in San Q and get ready for the tourney on the 23rd.  This is my annual BIRTHDAY Trip.  I will again host a sea food dinner that FRIDAY night the 22nd at Don Eddies.  We fish the following morning.  The dinner, NOT DRINKS is free to each paid tournament entry.  This year I will open the tourney to all boats, kayaks, canoes, float tubes with or without motors, local residents and panga captains too.  Everyone on board the boat must be a PAID  entry except the captain, mate.  HOWEVER if the captain and mate wish to fish they too must be paid.  ANYONE who wants to put their money in the pot can fish.  All fish MUST be caught on rod and reel.  BIGGEST HALIBUT wins.  PUT in the water at 6am and MUST be at Don Eddies to weigh in no later than 6pm.  This is OPEN to all, after tourney I return to mako-ville for a few days of fishing.

September 4-13  CLOSED PRIVATE trip to Lake Powell.

October 1-7 to Gonzaga Closed Private Trip for SDKF.

October 13-30 Gonzaga on the FLY.  OPEN TRIP,  sign up for week one or week two.  ROOSTERFISH  OVER 50 lbs last four years on this trip.

November 6-13 EXPLORATORY.   We will beach camp for four nights as we paddle and fish from  PUERTOCITOS back into camp at Mako-ville.  The extra days we will just FISH!!!  This is an OPEN TRIP and will cover 35 miles of PRISTINE, seldom fished waters.

November 20-28,  Thanksgiving in ASUNCION to visit my friend Rossman.  Fishing Yellowtail and world-class CALICOS.  OPEN TRIP.

Dec 26 through 3 Jan 2019  NEW YEARS in Gonzaga.

2018 TRIPS, to mako-ville and beyond

Mako-ville 2018 TRIPS

Below you will find the 2018 Trips I have scheduled for next year.  If YOU want a trip scheduled contact me here. I need your input for spring trip dates. DO NOT give me dates if YOU do not intend to be there.
Starting in 2018 we will be collecting $20.00 per person per week for shower and toilet, kitchen cleaning water.  This is the only money collected for these trips.  When we know who is coming we each get a night, that is our turn to provide the evening meal for the whole crew.
You can cook and cleanup your mess, just bring the food.  Or bring the meat to the restaurant for your meal, and let Clementina cook and clean up for you.  That service will cost you $5.00 per head plus drinks and a tip for the kitchen crew.  You can tell Clementina how you want your meat cooked or let her work her magic.  When it is my torn I do the restaurant, 6 people cost me about $45.00 includine a drink apiece.
Clementina is a great cook, her chicken mole is to die for.  Albondagas, made from fresh sierra mackerel, yum.  Meals usually include rice and beans, fresh tortillas, salsa and a salad.  Sometimes you will find garlic bread or mashed potatoes.  It is all fantastic.

San Quintin Halibut Tournament Saturday 23 June my BIRTHDAY.
21 June-28 June, Day one Gonzaga, 2-3-4 in San Quintin for my halibut tournament at Don Eddies. Then back to Gonzaga for a few days. This is an OPEN trip and all are welcome to come along for both or one part.

September 3-13, private trip to Powell for stripers.

OCTOBER 1-7 Gonzaga trip, contact Jeff at SDKF for a spot on this trip.

October 15-30 GONZAGA on the FLY. Big roosters the last 3 years. OPEN TRIP. This spans two weeks, come for week one or week two or even BOTH, your call. Biggest trip of each year.

November 6-13 PUERTOCITOS to GONZAGA by yak, We will have two safety boats, PLAN on spending 3-4 nights on the beach camping from your yak. This is an exploratory trip to sea and fish the area. OPEN TRIP.

November 20-28 Asuncion with Rossman,  THANKSGIVING, OPEN TRIP.

December 26th-3 January 2019 New Years in Gonzaga, join our family for the New Year. OPEN TRIP.

These are the 2018 trips I have so far for next year.  So now it is up to you guys to fill in the holes. Just let me know, thanks.  I can be contacted at 760-520-2514  Thank you all Makobob.


Return to paradise 14 Oct 2017

From the desert to our beach

I can hear the Sea calling me again.  I can smell the fresh salt air and the campfire.  Time to return to paradise once again.  This time to the dark of the moon.  Mako-ville here I come.  Who wants to tag along?

Sunrise in mako-ville

I know some of you will no nothing but FISH, eat and sleep.  Then you fish some moore.  That is the main point of October on the FLY, to get a few hardcore fishermen together.  Doing what you LOVE, fishing the Sea of Cortez.

Isla San Luis Gonzaga at daybreak

I WILL fish this trip.  Isla San Luis Gonzaga here I come.  I will also take a trip to Punta Final to check out a house for sale.  And we hope to boat to Puertocitos to scout camping areas for a planned trip next year.  From Puertocitos to mako-ville.  Beach camping and fishing from the kayaks.  Taking an aluminum boat to haul the gear and act as a safety line.  Four days and three nights.

Getting the Gregor ready for the day

Last week, rooster fish were active chasing 8-9 inch mullet on our beach.  That should only get better for the next month.  Temps should be coming down to the high 80’s in the day and mid to low 70’s at night.  I expect the islands will be calling our names most days.  And the campfire in the evenings should be crowded.

Hopefully one or moore of you will sea to it that we get a video, and pictures to post for  mako-ville.com  ………………  You are also invited to post an article about your Baja experiences.  Or just Baja in general.  Please remember mako-ville and this website are for all of us.  So please post.

Toys on the beach, Gregor + two Solos

Sleeping at night should be great.  Little to no moon will make for fantastic star-gazing.  You should wake up rejuvenated to the tune of our resident alarm rooster.  Water tanks are full, fuel for the stoves is on hand.  Paper goods are fine.  Firewood might be needed so I can reduce the use of our local mesquite recourses.  If you plan on using the quad, Gregor skiff or the generator please bring some gas.

TRY to get some sleep before the night you leave, because mako-ville here we come.  I know you will return home with fully charged batteries.  Tight Lines amigos.  Sweet DREAMS.

Sunset in mako-ville

Gone Fishing 2

Another trip to paradise is almost here.  Very early Monday morning me and a few friends head back to Gonzaga.  Weather looks GREAT with daytime temps in the low to mid 90’s.  Nights in the mid to upper70’s, and the highest forecast winds are 14mph one afternoon around 1 pm.

Hammock at day break, great sleeping under the stars.

Fall asleep counting satellites on a starry night.  A camp fire after dinner is always a treat.  Stories from the day abound, bragging rights are established and maybe a cold one is enjoyed.

No not a campfire, just a desert sunset.

Tomorrow maybe I will take a couple of guys behind Punta Bufeo and show them a nice beach diving spot.  Most of this coast gets little fishing or diving pressure.

Boulder beach
Rubble reef by camp at low tide.

So much to do besides fishing, eating and communing under the Baja Sun.  Depending on the tides we might go clamming, fishing or shell collecting.  We could fly the Phantom 4 quad copter, take the Gregor out or take the Rhino for a desert  spin.  Tight Lines amigos, see you soon.



Baja with Buddha of SDKF

Jeff, aka Buddha

Jeff set this trip up for SDKF members.  He will be our CHEF on this trip bringing his new air fryer into camp for the 1st time.  Good eats coming soon.  I will post after this trip.


This is the turn off into our camp KM 134 going towards Gonzaga Bay.  The 1/2 mile dirt road into camp is easy to negotiate with a 2 wheel drive can, just drop your air pressure down to 20psi.

The view from camp, day break.
kitcken from the outside.
Another view of the kitcken.
Kitchen inside view.
Small work space for the chef.

The above views are where our  CHEF will perform his culinary art.  GREAT meals coming.  But this trip is not only about the food and camaraderie, but also the fishing.  Weather is expected to be in the mid 90’s in the day, dropping to below 80 at night.  Winds should stay below 10 mph except some afternoons below 15.

We will port a trip report after we return from Paradise.  Tight Lines amigos.



Gonzaga on the Fly

2017 GONZAGA on the FLY 2017

This is the big trip of the year. Dates are 15-30 October.
I will be in camp from the 15th until the 30th. So some might come starting as early as the 15th.This year because the trip was so popular you can sign up for week one or week two. This will allow for more people to enjoy paradise. Weather and fishing are both at their best in October so start your planning now, most of last years fishermen want to return so………I might limit each week to 15 anglers.  Anyone not confirmed please do so now.  YES there might still be room for you to sign up. Tight Lines amigos.Anglers are:
Week 1
Baja_Traveler CONFIRMED

Week 2
Gr8fuldude CONFIRMED
Mike Scales
Mike’s little brother
Domtesta27 friend CONFIRMED

Thanksgiving at Asuncion with Rossman

Thanksgiving with Rossman AGAIN

This is an annual trip to Asuncion.  We leave on the 20th of November to spend Thanksgiving in beautiful Asuncion.  Fishing for yellows, world-class calicos, bonita sheephead and corvina. We return 1 December, plan on camping at Rossman’s place, and maybe taking a side trip to Punta Eugenia and or Punta Quebrada to fish and beach camp.  Jeff cooks a full spread THANKSGIVING meal for the whole crew, always AWESOME.  We get to fish a couple of days before Thanksgiving and then a week after.  Normally we leave San Diego early in the morning for the 12 hour drive to Asuncion.  Early being a border crossing in TJ at 4-4:30 am.  Gets us into Rossman’s place before dark.

Anglers are:
John friend of Buddha

This is an open trip, anyone wanting to join us is welcome. You can caravan with us or meet us along the way, leave when you want. Tight Lines amigos.

Mag Bay Dec 2017, Jan 2018

Starting just one day after Christmas 2017 some of the BWE family will head off to Mag Bay, almost 3/4 of the way down the Baja Peninsula.  There will be at least 3 Solo Skiffs and a couple kayaks.  We will leave San Diego and head on down south in the early morning hours of the 26th of December.    Spending the first night in Asunción, we will dinner with  Rossman at his chosen place in paradise, 12 hours to get to Ross’s house, then another 7 hours the next day to Mag Bay.  This is a bucket list trip for some of us.  We will fish the Mag Bay complex in 3-4 areas then head home on the 6th of January and arrive in San Diego on the afternoon on the 7th.  This should give us NINE full days to fish and explore Mag Bay.  There is STILL room for you to join us for this trip.  We plan to beach camp most nights, and cook our own meals or hit a taco stand in the local area.  There might be room in my truck for one person, their gear and kayak, of course we would share the cost of fuel.

BUCKET LIST TRIP, I will be going on 70 for this one so I will consider this my last big trip, last chance effort to reach Mag Bay.  Light tackle and fly-fishing, I will target Bass, Grouper, Halibut, Snook, Pargo and more Bass. There are also corvina, yellowtail, wahoo, and others in the area. For me I expect it to be a trip if a lifetime. Baja_Traveler and I be bringing our Solo Skiffs for added security and safety.
I hope YOU will have a chance to join us on this trek thru Baja. Tight Lines. Been dreaming about Mag Bay since I was 8 and two school mates went and told me stories about the fantastic fishing, NOW 60 years later it is my turn.

Planning on doing Fly fishing and light tackle fishing. SNOOK is my main target species but I expect to also find, corvina, bass, halibut, snappers, jacks, grouper and who knows what else. Makobob

Supplies needed to bring for the group include:
Generator or two
2+ power strips
2-4 folding tables
Sunshade, tarps or pop ups
Fuel cans with gas and diesel
2 Camp stoves with fuel
Pots/Pans/cooking utensils
camp lighting
cooking water for camp
cleaning supplies for kitchen
Camp ice chest
Camp freezer for meats
Medical kit

Supplies for each of us:
Chargers for electronics
Sleeping gear
Plate, bowl, cup and eating utensils
toilet paper
drinking water and your choice of beverages
VHF radio
50 foot tow rope for your yak if you want to hitch a ride. with a solo
Sunblock, sunglasses, bug spray, long sleeve shirts and jacket.
Rain suit
YOUR medications

Anglers going:

Sivak maybe
CON KSO last week
Flyfishinsteve64 maybe
Paddle man maybe

This is an OPEN invitation to all BWE and SDKF members .  As of now it appears that Baja_Traveler and myself will each truck down giving us 2 4X4 trucks for safety, I know I will have room for another angler with gear. Kai and I plan on bringing our Solo Skiffs to increase our range and for scouting and safety considerations. We will do lot’s of fly fishing and light tackle fishing. Depending on weather we will consider an off shore trip for exotics.  If you want to join us let me know, as we have to plan meals.  Tight Lines amigos.