Late start

When you awake to the call of quail in the desert you know that you have over slept.  You can’t remember the dream.  However it left the impression of walking a desert beach at night with a friend.  Baja does that to me.

Sunrise in Paradise

You should have already been on the water.  Day light is burning.  Really need breakfast but it is time to launch.  The fish are calling.

Time to launch

The wind is a little to flaky to head for the island.  You decide on the beach cobble north of camp.  Grab the light weight spinning rod, and the fly rod.  Time to chase the bass.   The spinning rod is rigged with a crocodile.  You tie a Clouser in tan and white on the fly rod.

In the tackle pack you have an assortment of Clousers, Deceivers, and a few Game changers.  A couple Crocks and Castmasters are added to your mix.  You hit the water and start the short pedal to the rubble reef.  Time to fish.

You let your line with the crock drag behind the kayak.  You have less than a mile to the rubble  You catch 3 triggers and 5 small spotted bay bass by the time you arrive.  probably gonna be a busy morning.

The reef at low tide.

With all the small rocks, you know it is a nursery area with lots of small bass.  You move out to deeper water.  20-30 foot deep water holds larger bass.  Out comes the fly rod with a tan and white Clouser.  On your second cast you get a 2+ pound bass, then it is pick, pick, pick.  1/2 to 1 pound bass, and a few 2 pound triggers when you forget to keep the speed of the fly moving faster.  Two hours in you have caught and released 41 fish.  Pretty good morning.

Tide is coming up and is about 2 hours till full tide.  Prime time.  The reef that was showing at low tide is now covered with 8-10 feet of water.  Back to the beach.  Fifty to a hundred feet off the beach you start casting the fly again.  And again start picking spotties as you cast parallel to the beach.  Time to try a different tactic.  I tie on a game changer fly and cast towards the beach.

About ten casts later I am almost back to the boat when I see a follower.  I let the fly sink out.  Pedal the Hobie 180 drive in reverse.  Picking the fly up from the bottom I get slammed.  A few minutes later it is taco time.  Lunch will be a nice fillet of Sculpin of about 3 pounds.  Over the next half hour moore spotties, triggers and a nice Orange Mouth Corvina all eat my fly.

Brian fly casting the same area from the beach with a nice corvina.

Over all a very nice morning.  Lunch will be a Sculpin sandwich made at the restaurant.  Dinner the Corvina will be done in camp.  Wrapped in foil with butter and garlic, salt and pepper, a slice of onion and lemon will finish it up.  Served over rice and a salad it was wonderful.  78 fish were safely caught and released in about 4 hours.  Two were consumed.

Big fish?  No.  But a very nice mornings catch.  Fly and light tackle fishing in Baja is a blast.  Give it a try sometime.  Let me know if and when you want to join us in camp.  Tight Lines amigos.



Back in the saddle again

This last trip to Gonzaga was fun.  The Quad broke, the boat dropped off the trailer, and the solar system was not up to the job.  But it was still a great trip.  The desert WAS green with yellow, white and orange and violet flowers to be found.  No not like spring, but still there to delight those who looked.

Jeff, our resident chef brought his Air Fryer to use in camp for the first time.  Yum, Air Fried rice balls were my favorite.  I need moore batteries to carry the load on the solar power, but it worked out ok.  So we will be installing 4 more 6 vdc Trojans to carry the load.

I take full responsibility for the boat coming off the trailer and landing on the beach.  I assumed……….so next time there will be a question and answer period prior to launch.  The Baja 3rd wheel on the trailer worked out well,  makes launching and landing much easier again after instructions.  So much to do and so little time to get it done.

Fishing was ok to good.  Roosters were crashing the beach almost every day.  UP to 30+ pounders.  Catching was NOT so good as none of the guys got a rooster.  Corvina, bass, triggers and nice size sierra were landed and turned into dinner and chevice.

We had a camp fire most evenings.  Shot the sh-t, told lies and enjoyed the moon and stars.  Planned for the next day and just joked around.  Friends around te camp fire.  Unwinding for the next day in paradise.   Thinking about the next trip.

The last TWO weeks of OCTOBER are coming fast.  Days in the mid 80’s to lower 90’s.  It will seem cold at night.  But should be in the 60-70’s.  Winds unknown at this time.  Bring a sweater or jacket, just incase.

October on the FLY is looking GREAT.  Roosters are again roaming the area.  Skipjack, cabrilla, snapper, corvina, bass, and trigger are all there waiting for YOU.  The restaurant is OPEN.  Tight Lines to all, AND there is room at the inn.

Baja with Buddha of SDKF

Jeff, aka Buddha

Jeff set this trip up for SDKF members.  He will be our CHEF on this trip bringing his new air fryer into camp for the 1st time.  Good eats coming soon.  I will post after this trip.


This is the turn off into our camp KM 134 going towards Gonzaga Bay.  The 1/2 mile dirt road into camp is easy to negotiate with a 2 wheel drive can, just drop your air pressure down to 20psi.

The view from camp, day break.
kitcken from the outside.
Another view of the kitcken.
Kitchen inside view.
Small work space for the chef.

The above views are where our  CHEF will perform his culinary art.  GREAT meals coming.  But this trip is not only about the food and camaraderie, but also the fishing.  Weather is expected to be in the mid 90’s in the day, dropping to below 80 at night.  Winds should stay below 10 mph except some afternoons below 15.

We will port a trip report after we return from Paradise.  Tight Lines amigos.



Cooking in Baja

A good idea is to prepare and plan for your trip depending on how long you will be on your trip. Using block ice is preferable to ice cubes as they will last longer. Freezing individual water bottles will last longer also. Making prepared meals such as stews in vacuum packed and freezing them will keep the cooler cold longer also. Pasta, rice, and potatoes are easily stored and not perishable. Having the first two meals and meats fresh to be cooked and not frozen makes it quick to prepare. Cooking vegetables and vacuum packing and freezing also saves time. The first two days you can use fresh ones in a Tupperware container.

Equipment can be a 2 burner Coleman stove, a cast iron frying pan, a wok, and a stove top pressure cooker. That will cook everything for your trip. A grill is nice also if you have room for it. The pressure cooker will cook quickly and save you time and fuel. The wok is so versatile that you could get by with just that and the stove. If you have a source for electricity I highly recommend that you consider the purchase of an Airfryer. It is extremely versatile and can fry up fish with no oil or very little. It can also bake, roast, stir fry, grill, etc. I use one almost every day now since I bought one this year.

Pizza dough also stores well in the cooler, you can make your own beforehand or buy some from your local pizza shop or store and freeze it or it can last a week to 10 days. Having the vegetables cheese, sauce and meats already cut and prepared makes for a quick meal directly on a grill or quick fry the dough in the cast iron skillet first and then finish on the grill to melt the cheese on an indirect setup.

The pressure cooker can make a quick stew, and soup so easily. Also you can cook a whole chicken and make it Asian, Mexican, Italian, Greek, style with different sauces in 10 minutes!

Cooking in Baja does not need to be rudimentary meals and all freeze dried foods. With a little planning you can have meals just as good if not better than at home.