Going home, almost Baja time.

So today the powers that be decided I would be going home on the 28th.  They said I can finish healing under home care.  That means six days and counting.  Homeward bound.  Baja time, Baja calls loudly.

I cannot return to Baja until the wound has healed fully, scab needs to be gone.  Maybe a couple moore weeks then it will be shrinker and Baja time.  Feels so great to be on the road to freedom again.  Life is good.

There will be a three-week wait after the shrinker comes off.  Then they should have my temp prosthetic ready.  Then weeks/months of adjusting and getting used to it.  In between it will be Baja time.  Off I go.

I have put the iWALK2.0 aside for now, as it puts pressure on the end of the stump SLOWING the healing.  I will resume when the shrinker is installed.  I pushed too soon.  Sometimes it is better to slow down no matter how much you want to move ahead.

I did find a set of automatic exterior steps for the truck that fold under and out-of-the-way.  Now getting into and out of the truck should be doable.  Find out next week, if I can get them installed that fast.  No way I can self install.

I find myself pushing and doing too much.  BECAUSE I am burning daylight, and there is only so much left when you are almost 70.  Back in High School time seemed to CRAWL.  Now it FLIES at 90 miles an hour.  Baja time is approaching.

My Church is calling every minute of each day.  A friend, Daniel Powell sent this to me today and I would like to share it with you.

Ocean missed…

Ocean missed…,

Frigates dance wildly in flight in my mind,

swooping low, darting wide, daring to climb

into a sky sun-wrapped in warm blue respite

from thunderous rain the previous night.

The smooth swell calmly glistens of life held within

as it shines, reflecting a low-gliding pelican

wing-wafting scents of tropical sea air

as fresh and as real as if I were there.


My feet might find the warm sand welcoming,

If not just fantasy of cold-climate suff’ring

land-locked by demand and long-shoed unfree—

they often walk barefooted through my mind to the sea.

Thank you Daniel as YOU know I miss my Church, our Mother Ocean.  She calls me loudly all day and night.  Being a Child of the Tide she dwells within my soul.  Better times are coming.  Baja time, Baja calls, sea you all soon in Paradise.  Tight Lines amigos.




flutterbye an endangered species in Baja?

You ask what is a flutterbye?  A flutterbye is a fleeting touch, blowing gently through you mind.  Often felt only in a dream, it is there and then it is gone.  The flutterbye seems to never linger, just touch and go.

Flutterbye, like a dream
A new dawn in paradise

Is it real you ask?  Of course it is, but what is it?  I believe it is two souls reaching out to each other.  But why in Baja?  Simple, you are moore relaxed in Baja,  There is less hustle and bustle to interfere with the working of your mind.   You are receptive to outside influences.

Have you woken at 3am and know you just missed something important?  A flutterbye just passed your way, such a fleeting touch.  Leaving nothing but the impression of loss.  Something yet to be completed.  A promise of things to come?

I have never felt that touch and known for sure who was walking through my mind.  But the feel of that presence is so familiar, so intense.   It must be you, whoever you are.  Baja just makes it easier for this wonderful process to happen.

Does it happen to you too?  Can you sometimes feel that presence in your dreams?  So brief, so fleeting, so essential to your well-being.  That touch of life, laughter, love we all need.  Like someone is reaching out to you.

Maybe it is your maker, it could be your spouse, it might be a friend, or a lost soul looking for a companion.  It could be just your mind looking for a bit of sanity.  Or it could be another soul letting you know that you are not ALONE.  That you are loved and will always have a friend.

In three-week I will be allowed back in Baja.  Back to where Flutterbye can moore easily visit.  That fleeting feeling in the back of my mind returns sometimes nightly.  And its presence is missed when it does not pass through my dreams.  Without that touch I feel alone.  I hope you continue to walk my dreams FOREVER.  Thank you flutterbye.   No not endangered, just not  fully understood.

The Church of mako-ville rewritten

The Church of mako-ville where services are held daily.  Where ever YOU are, any time of the day or night.  Those with you, whom ever they are will be welcome at our doors.  Family, friends, unknown visitors are all invited to share our services.  EVERYONE is invited, all you need is an open heart and the willingness to share.

His blessing to us
The miracle of water in the desert
Almost EVERY time I am outside, I find many moments to worship and celebrate life.  I tend to share more of these moments with my friends in Baja maybe because I feel comfortable without the hustle experienced up north in California. Worship Sundays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, any where or day you can.  I feel closer and better able to hear our maker in nature, it’s personal, maybe I just listen harder there.  Did you sea the stars last night?  Did they talk to you?  What are you going to do about it?
Flowers from his Church
The desert flowers as does our open hearts
Take care of your selves for it is much harder to help others if you are not WHOLE, physically, mentally and SPIRITUALLY.  Live well so others may too. Share life with your family and friends, neighbors and passersby..

Catch a sunrise or sunset, or any part of the day or night. Do it on the ocean, lake, stream, in the desert, mountains or at the beach. California, Texas or Baja take your pick, just set aside a few minutes when you can. Relax, contemplate, commune, charge your batteries, pray, make plans, commit to renewal of your life.

Talk to your maker, hear what he is teaching.  Just do it, you will be happier and those around you will feel it too, Happiness/Contentment is catching. The Church of Mako-ville is available to all faiths and beliefs, everyone is welcome anytime, anywhere, and OUR Church is always open.  So open your heart and be one with your maker.  He loves all his children.  He will never turn away, ever.  He will put you in his footprints, just follow his lead and be free again.

Paradise found
The start of a new chapter of your life

Every time I step into the great outdoors, I am reborn.  Can YOU feel his presence.  If so then SHARE that joy with your family and friends.  Life in mako-ville is great, enjoy and live each day to its fullest.  I hope you visit often amigos.  WE are always open where ever you find your self, just step outside.  Join us in his praise.

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The scattering of ashes

The ashes of a loved one are sacred.  They represent a life lived.  I want mine scattered in mako-ville.  To join again with my grand dad.  Grand Fathers are here.  Other ashes have been spread on our beach. You might consider having some of yours scattered here.

When I pass, looking out over the Sea of Cortez would be HEAVEN.  For me it is my paradise on EARTH.  I could be very happy spending eternity over looking my paradise.  Some of you might feel the same.  If you feel this way it can be arranged.

Ashes in paradise
Isla San Luis Gonzaga at daybreak

Our beach is about a mile and a half long.  The view is of Isla San Luis Gonzaga, which sits 4.8 miles off our beach.  Looking left stretch the Islas Encantadas.  Also known as the Enchanted Isles, at times the seem to FLOAT on the Sea.  A beautiful sight to behold.  Further south are other fabulous areas.

ashes in their final resting place
150 feet above the Sea a place for my ashes

This cliff is above the Sea, north and behind Punta Bufeo.  The view stretches from Isla San Luis Gonzaga on the left, all the way to Isla La Guardia almost 60 miles to the south.  The usual winds blow from your back out onto the Sea.  A beautiful place to camp, maybe forever.

Ashes in paradise
A place to rest in peace.
Baja once every 20 years
The miracle of water in the desert. Dry lake bed weeks after a storm. Located behind Punta Bufeo.
Here I lay broken hearted
Pilot whales resting in the desert, close to the seas they swam

In a few years I will be here in my paradise in mako-ville.  There is room for others.  Everyone with Baja in their hearts are welcome to follow me here.  I will happily rest here forever, sorry, I am a little emotional right now.  If you want to join me here just post.  If you join me now we can enjoy Baja at her finest.  If you follow later, then sleep in paradise knowing others share your resting place.  Tight Lines amigos.

To recieve the newest articles SUBSCRIBE to mako-ville.com.  And check out our LIVE weather from PUNTA BUFEO, only one mile from Paradise.  Thank you amigos.


Please, in honor of someone who died from being a diabetic, or is fighting Diabetes, or even had Diabetes , copy, and paste. DO NOT SHARE. Those that know me well will just do it.

Many of the Vietnam veterans that you know were exposed to agent orange.  Most of them contracted Diabetes.  A lot of them are in wheel chairs because of amputations resulting from Diabetes complications.  It is a tough road to hoe.

Loss of mobility means it is difficult to do the things we love, like fishing and going to Baja.  When you have Diabetes you fight it with everything you have, or you give up.  CHOOSE TO FIGHT.  Life is worth living.  Please pass this on, thanks.  Makobob, DIABETIC FOR THE REST OY MY LIFE.


There are times in all our lives when the only thing we need is someone to be there.  Not to solve our problems.  But just for us to know someone truly cares, that can make all the difference in the world.   Always be there for your friends.

Sunday is coming

The Church of mako-ville is always open.  Just step outside and look around to sea his miracles.  Services are held anytime and anywhere you are at peace with yourself and nature.  Open your heart to his wonders.

The miracle of water in the desert. Dry lake bed weeks after a storm. Located behind Punta Bufeo.

A collection plate is never passed around at the Church of mako-ville.  Our funding comes from the Love and Joy in YOUR hearts.  When you share our Love of Him and his creations you fund our Church.  Our cup runneth over!!!

The desert Blooms with His LOVE.

Share His LOVE, with family, a friend, or a lover.  Sundays are good, but anytime or anywhere, any day or night.  They all work.  As busy as our lives are, make the time to rejoice with us.  The doors are open, ALWAYS.  Just open them and let HIM in.  YOUR heart is full, share the love.

For me this is HIS Paradise found.

This may not be YOUR personal Paradise.  Yours could be anywhere. Take someone with you the next time you visit your personal PARADISE.  It will grow when it is shared with others and become an even better place to commune with OUR maker.  Share the love, share YOUR LOVE.  Pass it along to others.

Just down the beach from mako-ville.

The Church of mako-ville belongs to all of us.  All denominations are welcome.  Praise Him and His wonders.  Share with others. Always remember, mako-ville is a state of mind we can all SHARE.

Morning in mako-ville

The night cometh before the dawn.  And nights in mako-ville for me are to die for.  A couple of months ago I almost did.  But that is a different story.

After a wonderful meal at the restaurant.  Clementina out did herself again, mole, beans, rice, tortillas, salsa and a salad.  Que bueno.  We made it the 200 yards back to camp.  Not quite dusk yet.

Fire wood has been stacked and lit for the evening camp fire.  The truth of the days events will slowly unfold, along with a few fisherman’s embellishments.  The chairs are set and ready.  Social hours follow.

Some of us move away from the fire.  A stairway to heaven leads to the roof and much less light pollution.  The stars are ablaze in all their glory.  In the Sea of Cortez the surf is mostly very light.  But faintly the waves whisper on the gravel and beach cobble.

A little star-gazing, some small talk of tomorrows plans and it is bed time.  Some sleep on the beach, the patio and the garage, and of course on the roof.  A couple even go next door to a friends roof.  Dreams are sweet in mako-ville you feel everything is possible.  And of course they ARE.

It’s 3 am and nature calls, you spy a coyote sneaking down the beach, he watches you descend the stairs before heading around a cactus fence.  Back to the rooftop you go.  Back into your “0” gravity chair in which you sleep.  As you start to drift off you hear the call of the wild.  The coyotes in the desert behind our place have made a kill.  They loudly announce it to the world and the neighbor dogs take up the tune.

You fell asleep again, to dream of paradise.  Out of a sound sleep you awaken to the spectre light just beginning to show.  You can see Isla San Luis Gonzaga 5 miles off the beach.  Maybe this day will take you there.  As the sun rises at Punta Bufeo, the gulls and pelicans start their daily feed.

And now the dawn cometh before the day.  What will it hold. That is an easy question to answer when you are in mako-ville.  Your FUTURE, the FIRST day of the rest of your life!  To borrow a phrase from a friend.  “LIVE the life you love, OR was it LOVE the life you live”.


Make a difference in someone’s life.  Your dad, brother, daughter or friend.  When was the last time you took YOUR dad camping or fishing, how about just a walk in the park?  Maybe a softball game with your daughter or a night at the fights with your brother?  Life is short, we never know what the future holds in store for us or them.

Your best friend Tom moved to another state 3 years ago.  Call him and set something up.   Your wife needs a break, take her to Vegas.  Even better yet do something for someone you do not know.  Join HOW and spend a day mentoring a Veteran.

The CHOICES are endless, the gains are many fold.  You get to spend time with someone special.  everyone’s batteries get recharged.  Happy wife happy life.  Memories are made, friendships are reinforced.  You are no longer EXISTING, you are living life.  You and your family are happier, you shared the GOOD TIMES.

Choose to live a fuller life, spend moore time with your family.  Just do it!  EVERYONE wins, be they family, friends or strangers.  But the biggest winner is the rest of the world as they follow YOUR example.  All because YOU choose to make a difference .  Thank you for being a mentor.  Tight Lines amigos.

Take the CURE

Spend a few minutes and decide what you can do the next weekend.  You work hard all week, take a little time off for your soul.  The beach, mountains, desert or ocean, just plan a family outing.  The where is not as important as the doing. Getting together with family and friends makes everything better.  Everyone wins.

Spending time with nature mellows me out from the grind of life.  Not only does it let us smell the roses, but it let’s us taste the fresh BBQed  meat.  So recharge those batteries, spend time with the family and be rejuvenate your soul.  Take the weekend off., go fishing, walk the beach or just relax.   You will relax, your family will be happier and upon returning to work your boss will see that extra bounce in your step.

I guess every one was a winner.  And all it took was a weekend off with the family or friends.  WOW you just took the CURE and had a mini vacation.  Tight Lines amigos.