Mako-ville in the fall.


Mako-ville in the fall is a very special place.  This year the timing of events was all wrong.  Maybe because of Rosa and Sergio the fishing was different.  Not many roosterfish this year, but still lots of fish on the fly.  And most of the guys had a great time.   Most if nt all will return again next year.  You are all welcome in camp.  However 22 people at the dinner table was a bit much for the restaurant La Poma.

The skys are clear, the water is warm and the winds are almost non existant. The pelicans are diving right off the beach, sierra and yellowtail are around. A beautiful day, but mako-ville is empty. The mexican fishermen left yesterday.

This morning the last of our group all went north except for me. Rosa was devestating but NOW it is just about 3 hours to San Felipe from Gonzaga. Yes some is off road on work arounds. BUTT the desert is full of GREEN, the occatillos and some wild flowers are trying to bloom. Ducks were in the dry lake bed behind Punta Bufeo yesterday.

Life is again quiet in Campo Turistico and La Poma, the restaurant crew are taking a day or two off. A well deserved break for them. At points last week they served WELL over 60 meals a DAY. It set records for them, now it might be quiet until Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Of course the sierra headed north, but in a couple of weeks the corvina will arrive from the south and the fishermen will return in big numbers. EVERYTHING hear revolves around the fish and those who chase them.

This morning the islands were again FLOATING. Las Encantadas and camp had NO, NONE, not a wiff of air. Such an awesome site, enchanting. It is now after 3 in the afternoon flat calm and pelicans still working the micro bait.

Like most years the schooling sierra and yellowtail are chasing schools of bait only an INCH or so long. Mini anchovies, I have NEVER seen them grow up here. They get eaten too fast. Fish from below and birds from above, they never get to rest.

I would to thank all the people who were in camp this last two weeks, you all did so very well, had fun and slowed down the hectic pase of your lives. I hope it was enough to get you all through the next few months, until we can meet again.

You are all welcome back into camp, just let Dave Sivak know. I really want to give a special thank you to those who take the time to post their pictures and stories on FaceBook here at Mako-Ville. SEA you all next year, Tight Lines amigos.

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