Baja 4 Months POST surgery

One Hundred and Twenty Two days after foot removal.  People never get old amigos.  We heal so slowly after the age of 50.  After a very slow start on healing it appears I am over the hump.  At todays appointment the Wound Care Doctor looked at the stump again after not seaing it last week because I was in mako-ville getting lots of vitamin sea.  So here’s the word!

He told me to hurry back to Baja.  Told me that whatever I was doing was working.  He again used a hormone growth product and will look at it again next week.  I was asked to come back next Thursday and then get out of DODGE for a week or so.  HaHa, back to Baja on the 6th of July.  LUCKY ME.

After taking moore tests, and checking all results he had only good things to report.  TWO weeks ago he estimated that the stump was 40% healed.  TODAY he told me we were over the 50% mark and maybe as much as 65%.  He is pretty sure I will be ready for my prosthetic in AUGUST.  Let the good times roll.  Baja here I come again.

So in getting ready for the future I just got in a pair of canes.  Feels funny to use them with one foot, but when the new foot gets here I will have built up some muscle memory.   Two canes and only one foot is awkward and slow but very stable.   And that should make it easier to relearn how to balance and walk upright again.

SOON I will be healed enough to get the foot WET, that means I can get on the water in the kayak finally.  The Doctor did tell me about a bag I can tape up around the leg for a few hours at a time so I might give that a trial on My next trip to paradise.  Let the good times roll.

Speaking of good times.  The halibut Tourney at San Quintin was AGAIN won by Mr. Rossman.  This year he had the only two halibut weighed in.  He also caught a larger bone fish.  Congratulations to Ross.  Next year we will move the Tournament to mako-ville and open it to ALL fish except sharks and rays.

For those of you who follow me, I have  treat for YOU coming this weekend.  So keep your eyes open, it is about a rare sighting that happened in mako-ville on FATHERS Day.  Sea you all soon.  And remember Baja can heal all aspects of your life, if you let her.  Tight Lines amigos.