Life in MOTION

You cannot exist without motion.  Mobility is LIFE!  Kathryn DiPietro this was inspired and is about you amiga.  It affects all of us older, disabled, addicted, depressed PEOPLE.  You cannot live without Mobility.  Living is moving.

Motion helps your emotions come to life.  Feel the JOY of life through your mobility.  When you can move or get around your life EXPANDS, opening new vistas.  YES I lost a foot.  It will not kill me.  Buy it sure is hard to hop thru life.  Yes I will get a fake leg but that takes time.  What to do in the time between amputation and walking again is the problem.

And what about people who find it very hard to walk, what do they do?  Just give up in dispare?  I hope not!  MOVE.  Find a way to get out and experience life again.  Get a set of crutches, a wheel chair, a walker or like my friend Kathryn a QUAD.

Motion is LIFE.  Get out there and SEA the world, explore, move, change your POV.  Get into that wheelchair and DRIVE yourself around.  Get a new hobby.  Take another look at your surrounding, then expand them through hobby.  Photography is good as it lets you and others sea that NEW perspective.  Motion lets us experience life.

Kathryn I was happy to hear you found a Quad.  NOW you can move with life, look at it in a different way.  You can again LOVE your life.  Mobility is good for the body and the SOUL.  Try taking your quad into the desert a mile or two away from home one evening.  Take Dale along.  Watch the sunset, enjoy a drink and watch the stars appear.  Listen to the life around you, hear the coyotes chasing rabbits.  Sea the satellites as they track along the night sky.  Hug Dale and tell him your life is so much better this week.  Motion is LIFE.  And your life is again in MOTION.  Enjoy every day the Lord bestows upon you amiga, live your life to its fullest.  And thank you for being a friend.

People this is for all of YOU too.  Get off the couch, find a way to move.  Find a new passion, make it happen.  You can do it.  If you need help let me know.  We will figure it out, you must have an option or two.  Motion, keep moving.  LIVE life, yes you can.  Live the life you love and LOVE the life you live.



Post amputation, DAY 60

The last 60 days have been the slowest I can remember since I got out of school.  Yep even Vietnam moved faster.  Post amputation, time slows down.  I got depressed as things were moving SO slowly.  Slow down you move to fast is fine if you are healthy.  Being wounded that philosophy does not hold water.

I found that post amputation my POV needed to change.  Our health care system naturally moves slowly.  Medicare and the VA do not talk to each other.  Casually the system crawls, do this first.  Make appointment and have this test done.  Results come back, now make appointment to get this test.  Some times it takes 2-3 weeks to get that test.

Results come back, it has been 6 weeks down the drain.  So the wound care Doctor saw me TUESDAY.  He took the bull by the horns.  HE was tired of the slow process and lack of results.  Had his head nurse contact the emergency room at TRI CITY.   He wrote the orders for them, instructions were spelled out.  Now remember he is also a Doctor on the Tri City staff.

Doctor told me to LEAVE his office and go straight to their emergency room.  And once there to tall them he had sent me and that my wound was not healing as it should.   This was post amputation day 59.  So off to sea the wizard at the emergency room.   The attendant at the door came out to me and asked why I was parked there, I opened the door and showed him my stump.  I asked for a wheel chair and for someone to park my truck.

I was processed in within 30 minutes telling them that the wound had a smell and looked like it might be infected.   Boom I was in seaing a Doctor who opened my file and saw the Wound Doctors notes, and recommended tests and procedures.  Over the next 9 hours all the tests were done and the results compiled and ready for the Emergency room Doctor.  Together in a conference call, ER doc, my Wound Doc and the Surgeon plotted a course of action.  In actuality in ONE single day a process that was taking weeks and months was solved.

The GOOD, NO sign of Bone Infection, Blood Cell results, very slightly elevated.  NO outward signs of infection.    The BAD, nothing noted.  Because of those tests they were able to debride the wound on day 60.  The UGLY,  when the Doctor opened up the wound to clean out the DEAD tissue.  The WHOLE room stank.  He removed the bad tissue, he did not put me on anti biotic because he saw no infection.

The CT scan did show a pocket of?  Fluid and gas, and they put a HORSE needle in to it in 3 places trying to aspirate the pocket.  All they got was a small amount of blood.  They sent that to be cultured and results should be back early next week.   All in all a great week, a little sore tonight but no pain meds needed.

Post amputation, DAY 83, the 20th of May is MY FREEDOM day.  I return to Baja that day for a week.  Life is good, God is great and loving.  Yes, I too got depressed for a while but just thinking and DREAMING about Baja kept me on track most of the time.  Now as I get closer to my return date time is SPEEDING up again.  My best wishes to all of you.  Thank you for your prayers.  I hope to sea each and every one of you in PARADISE soon.  Tight Lines and HAPPY BAJA DAYS.



Healing update April 10 2018

Today is 43 days post amputation.  Surgeon finally decided the healing was going too slow.  He is sending me to The Center for Wound Care  & Hyperbaric Medicine in Carlsbad.  This treatment program should speed back up the healing process.  That is the hope anyway.  Time will tell.

Tomorrow I should get a start date and moore information about their program.  Someone said it could take 6 weeks, which I sincerely hope not.  I should know moore by the end of the week.  Thank you all for your support.  Baja is calling so loudly I can hardly stand it.  Tight Lines amigos.